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Another News Story

Producer - Verity Wislocki
Co-Producers - SE15 Productions - Charly Feldman
Director - Orban Wallace
Editors - Michael Nollet & Dominic Stabb

In association with Gallivant Films

Status: In Post Production

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September 2016 marks one year since the photo of a drowned young refugee’s body being picked up on a beach in Turkey became the symbol for the greatest refugee crisis since World War Two. This moment became the tipping point for many governments, with borders closing and reopening almost daily, and the worldwide press descending on flashpoints across Europe.

Filmed over one year, 3000 miles and nine countries, Another News Story takes a unique look at some of the real stories behind the ‘migrant crisis’. As well as offering an intimate portrayal of these refugees we also hear from the journalists following them who are tasked with turning the crisis into headlines.

This documentary is a window into the pivotal month at the start of a global crisis that will be in the news for many years to come, when the floodgates opened to an unprecedented influx of migrants into Europe.

The result is both an observational documentary of three individuals – an intimate portrayal of human resilience – and an unflinching, humorous and often uncomfortable insight into what makes a story ‘newsworthy’. It is a compelling take on the refugee situation set against the backdrop of the biggest news storm of the century.